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Making the move to Puja Dental
Group was the best decision I
could have made.  They offer
everything in one location,
worked with my dental
insurance, provided payment
options for the more extensive
work, not to mention their
convenient and flexible hours.
On top of this, the staff is
extremely knowledgeable and
friendly.  Definitely an office you
don't mind going to!

- Jane Samson, Puja Patient






We accept most
Insurance and

Ask about our


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Puja Phoenix Senior Dental Clinic


Puja Dental Group Understands the Needs of Seniors - Now 10% Off for All Seniors!

The Dentists and staff at Puja's Phoenix area locations understand the special needs of seniors and their oral health. They realize that changes associated with aging present challenges to maintaining a good oral health program, and they also recognize how important it is to overall well-being.

In the past, preventive oral health services have been focused primarily on the young; but as the seniors' population continues to grow, it is increasingly important to ensure their needs are being addressed.

Dental researchers have proven that the overall dental health of older adults can be an indicator for general health problems. According to this research, problems with dental and oral health are a leading cause of discomfort. In addition, periodontal disease can harbor bacteria that can threaten quality of life and cause serious infection. Poor oral health can also affect the medical status of patients who are receiving cancer treatment, dialysis or respiratory care. That's why it is so important to make sure seniors are getting the dental care they need.

Senior Dental Care

It is essential that those patients without their own teeth have the tissues supporting their gums examined for infection, and that their dentures be examined for fit and cleanliness. Dentures should be relined at least every three years and dentures replaced every seven to ten years: This will contribute to the quality of life for seniors by ensuring that they can enjoy their meals, and that they are able to chew their food properly.

The staff at Puja Dental Group takes a caring approach to providing service to seniors. They address the unique needs of the senior population by offering a comfortable environment and friendly staff.

Professional Services

Puja is a full service Phoenix dentist practice, offering the following procedures for our senior patients:


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Cholla Hills Family Dentistry - Peoria, AZ - Close to Sun City!


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Camelback Cosmetic Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

Call Us for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our Phoenix dentists!
(888) 785-2336

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